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Symantec Identity Security (IAM)

Shift to the state-of-the-art architectures, based on multiple environments like Cloud, Smartphone or API, requires a modern, integrated and open IAM architecture, in order to enable safe fulfillment of the business activities on company’s side, with simultaneous managing the business risks and sticking to the laws and regulations.

In the reality becoming more and more diverse, the IAM system, consisting of the IAM Business Services, supported by co-shared security services, allows business entities for an insight into the user’s activities, uses smart analytics to define the risks imposed by the user, and also allows – or limits and controls in a relevant manner  – user’s activities, helping them build satisfaction in may other areas and/or systems.

IAM also allows for:

  • Making context credentials
  • Permanent sessions management
  • Precise policies management
  • Privileged access management
  • Administering and managing the identity

enabling an enterprise safe connecting of any user, from any device, with any kind of application, simultaneously offering a seamless user’s experience complete with the safety of the enterprise’s resources.

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