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We help in modern data management. Digital data is growing at a high pace, but thanks to the tools at our partners’ disposal, we will facilitate its analysis and use for business purposes. Our solutions enable the extraction, normalization and standardization of data, as a result, giving access to trusted information transmitted from various sources in many formats. We guarantee that your data will be accurate, complete, consistent and up-to-date.

Monitoring, integration, migration of mainframe systems

Data digitization is a concept that no medium or larger company can escape from today. Nowadays, data monitoring is something as necessary in the business world as the constant access to the Internet was once groundbreaking. To store information, however, you need a mainframe server room, without which it will be difficult to find space for thousands, if not millions, of computer files.

Mainframe systems – why are they needed?

Data storage cannot take place without the appropriate software. This one brings together many, previously not cooperating, IT solutions so that they form a harmonious whole. This process is called system integration, and its introduction allows the company to minimize intermediaries in data transfer, thus reducing the time that would be spent on manual transfer of information between two parties. The integration also allows for more accurate and uniform monitoring of important business data that will be used for the company’s expansion.

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