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IBM watsonx platform is built to empower organizations with advanced AI capabilities, fostering innovation, driving automation, and enhancing business efficiency across various industries and sectors.




Manage all data sources and accelerate responsible
AI workflows – all on one platform

Optimization of work with data based on generative artificial intelligence

In today’s business world, where information is a key factor in success, this is a fundamental issue. The IBM watsonx platform, offered jointly by AZ Frame and IBM, is an innovative solution that uses the power of generative artificial intelligence to enable effective data management and better business decisions.

Thanks to advanced generative artificial intelligence algorithms, IBM watsonx transforms huge amounts of data into clear business information that can be used to identify trends, predict customer behavior or discover hidden patterns.

Fast and effective data analysis enables you to make accurate business decisions. Automation of this process saves time and resources, which in turn increases the efficiency of companies. IBM watsonx is a flexible tool that adapts to the individual needs of each company.

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IBM watsonx is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform created by an industry leader

IBM watsonx is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform created by industry leader IBM. Using advanced algorithms and technologies, IBM watsonx enables solving the most complex business problems by analyzing data, generating conclusions and providing intelligent recommendations. Thanks to continuous development, IBM watsonx provides personalized solutions that support organizations in all areas of activity.

What’s important, IBM watsonx can be implemented on-premise, which gives companies full control over their data and compliance with industry regulations and laws.

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Areas of use

IBM watsonx is a versatile tool that can be used in many areas of business and life:

In the healthcare sector, it can support disease diagnosis, analyze medical test results and optimize treatment processes by providing personalized recommendations for patients and medical staff.

In finance, it can help with market analysis, predicting trends and managing financial risk.

In the production sector, it is able to improve production processes, monitor machine performance and forecast demand for raw materials.

In retail, IBM watsonx can analyze customer behavior, personalize offers and optimize inventory management.

In the area of education, the platform can support teaching processes by providing personalized materials and support in assessing students’ progress.

Data anonymization

IBM watsonx enables data anonymization, protecting privacy. Thanks to data analysis algorithms, it removes personal identifiers and other sensitive information, maintaining analytical usefulness. It helps you comply with GDPR regulations and use data to analyze trends and make business decisions. IBM watsonx technology keeps your data safe, allowing you to focus on your business goals.

Working with sensitive data

IBM watsonx is a powerful tool that enables the analysis, processing and protection of sensitive data (personal or medical data). Thanks to advanced functions and algorithms, the platform helps to use the potential of data, ensuring privacy and information security.

Working with unstructured data

IBM watsonx, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, can analyze, understand and extract valuable information from diverse and unstructured data (texts, images, sound files, etc.). In this way, it enables the use of a wealth of data that has so far been difficult to analyze or interpret.


IBM watsonx plays a key role in ensuring regulatory compliance through advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to the functions of data analysis and natural language processing, it supports the identification and interpretation of regulations and legal standards. It also enables the automation of processes related to compliance monitoring and assessment, which contributes to effective risk management and avoiding regulatory violations. Thanks to IBM watsonx, organizations can more effectively and precisely adapt their activities to applicable regulations, ensuring security and trust of their customers and stakeholders.

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Benefits of using artificial intelligence

Generative AI is advanced machine learning models that can create new content, images, sounds, and other data based on patterns and inputs. The benefits of using generative AI are many and varied.

The first is the ability to effectively create new content and materials. Generative AI models can be used to generate texts, graphics, music or even full film scripts, which creates new opportunities for artists and authors.

Another benefit is better adaptation of content to the individual needs and preferences of users – based on the analysis of user data, which increases customer engagement and satisfaction.

Generative AI models can also be used to create realistic simulations and scenarios, which is used in training, business simulations and product testing. This allows companies to make better decisions in various situations.

Generative AI can contribute to the automation of many processes, which leads to saving time and resources, as well as to the automatic generation of content, which could be time-consuming and expensive in traditional methods.

Generative artificial intelligence can contribute to progress in various fields of science and technology, helping to develop new patterns and solutions in medicine, scientific research and product design.

Speed up processes
in your organization

IBM watsonx can accelerate processes in your organization thanks to advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for automation, optimization and data-driven decision-making. Thanks to IBM watsonx, task execution can be improved and conclusions drawing more effective.

Reduce the number of mistakes
in everyday work thanks to AI

AI can significantly reduce the number of mistakes in everyday work by automating processes, detecting anomalies and supporting decision-making, which leads to improved quality and efficiency of performed tasks.

Reduce your costs,
optimize expenses

By analyzing data, identifying inefficiencies and providing conclusions enabling more effective decision-making, the platform can also contribute to cost reduction and expense optimization, resulting in improved financial management and the use of organizational resources.

Ensure better future
of your organization

By investing in IBM watsonx, you will ensure the future of your organization by using advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to optimize processes, generate new ideas and solutions, and effectively use the data, which will strengthen its position in the market and provide a competitive advantage in the digital era.

Increase security
when working with data

AI can increase security when working with data by automating the processes of identifying and responding to potential threats, analyzing user behavior to detect irregularities and implementing effective data protection mechanisms, which minimizes the risk of breaches, ensuring greater protection of confidential and sensitive information.

Modernize the work model
of employees and contractors

Generative AI helps modernize the work model of employees and contractors by creating innovative solutions, personalized content and tailored recommendations, which significantly improves collaboration, productivity and satisfaction among team members and customers.

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For whom will IBM watsonx be the perfect solution?

For companies that want to use the potential of artificial intelligence to transform their business. Thanks to the wealth of AI functionalities, IBM watsonx can support various departments of an organization, from marketing and sales to HR and operations. The flexibility and scalability of the platform allow it to be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each company.

Regardless of the industry or size of the company, the platform can be a key tool supporting innovation and development in the digital era.

Financial sector
banks, investment firms, insurance companies

Healthcare industry
hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies

Information technology and internet sector
internet companies, cloud service providers

Retail sector
retail chains, online stores, e-commerce platforms

Telecommunications industry
telecommunication operators, internet service providers

Manufacturing sector
heavy industry, machinery production, automotive manufacturing

Education sector
schools, universities, e-learning platforms

Transportation and logistics
transportation companies, freight forwarders, logistics platforms

Energy sector
energy companies, service providers related to energy

Media and entertainment industry
media companies, publishers, streaming platforms

Data analysis means better risk management, forecasting and identification of fraud in the financial sector. In the healthcare industry, it helps optimize processes and diagnose diseases. Internet companies use data analytics to personalize content for users and optimize IT infrastructure. In retail, it helps understand customer preferences and tailor product offerings. Telecommunications operators use data analysis to optimize networks and improve service quality. In the manufacturing industry, data analysis helps improve production processes and supply chain management.

In education – responsible for personalizing teaching and adapting content to students’ needs. Transportation companies use data analytics to develop delivery routes and manage vehicle fleets. In the energy sector, data analysis supports infrastructure monitoring and energy demand forecasting. In the media and entertainment industry, data analysis helps personalize content for audiences and better understand media consumption trends.

Why implement IBM watsonx with AZ Frame?


Cooperation with AZ Frame – an IBM Platinum Partner – gives access to advanced services and technical support, which translates into smooth and effective implementation of the platform. AZ Frame has knowledge and experience in integrating IBM solutions, providing clients with a high level of competence and commitment to the project.
Additionally, using IBM watsonx combined with AZ Frame’s expertise allows you to leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence for process optimization, data analysis and business innovation.

Finally, partnership with AZ Frame ensures that the client receives high-quality solutions based on best practices and the latest technologies, which contributes to the success of the project and the achievement of strategic business goals.

AZ Frame specializes in data – we make sure that our clients’ data acquires value and maintains it at the highest possible level. Thanks to partnerships, professional teams and modern technologies, we create and implement Data Management and Data Governance processes.

  • AZ frame is an organization associated with managing your data and optimizing processes in organizations for 20 years.
  • AZ frame consists of practitioners who have been involved in building the power of AI from the beginning of its creation.
  • AZ frame has extensive experience in cooperation with large organizations.


IBM watsonx with AZ frame – it’s high time to implement artificial intelligence in your organization

AZ Frame specializes in data – we make sure that our clients’ data acquires value and maintains it at the highest possible level. Thanks to partnerships, professional teams and modern technologies, we create and implement Data Management and Data Governance processes.

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