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Spectrum Context Graph

Discover a shareable, multi-dimensional view of your customers with innovative knowledge graphs to create accurate, actionable customer-centric views.

Break down data barriers and silos, connect hard-to-access information, and share insights across your entire business. With Spectrum Context Graph, you get the fully integrated, accurate and enriched 360-degree customer view you need. You can add context to customer profiles, uncover timely actionable insights and create powerful experiences.

Get a clear, integrated view of your customers across complex, varied enterprise data ecosystems, so you can:

  • fully leverage important CRM data as a true enterprise-wide system of record for marketing, sales and customer service,
  • drive the optimal, seamless omnichannel experience that your customers expect,
  • comply with customer-centric regulatory requirements – including KYC, AML, GDPR, and CCPA,
  • have the trusted insights, speed and agility you need for effective and efficient decisions and actions.

Put data quality processes in place to standardize, cleanse, and match incoming data, a critical part of supporting effective single customer view.

Visual data modeling with knowledge graphs

To reinvent the customer experience by using data in new ways, you need to rethink how your information is stored and used. Traditional master data management (MDM) solutions also need to evolve and organize information into a new model: a knowledge graph. Spectrum Context Graph gives you the power to uncover hidden relationships with a solution that evolves with your data, information architectures and strategic priorities.

It integrates all your customer, transaction, and product information to build a model that’s enriched with new, unstructured information from third parties such as social media networks.

Spectrum Context Graph is very agile, so you don’t have to define your entire model upfront, and it lets you continuously evolve data structures as you connect data across multiple existing systems sources and platforms.

Context Graph

Create and evolve effective data models based on discovered relationships with Spectrum Context Graph. This data hub taps into a full range of processes, interactions, hierarchies, roles and domains to deliver better insight, leveraging knowledge graph.

Intuitively and easily create a model using two incoming channels of data – one for entities and one for relationships – to define a new model or populate an existing one. You can extract specific entities and relationships from an existing model and return data as fields in your output stage to use with other stages or processes. Visualize relationships and hierarchies within the hub, discover hidden or non-obvious relationships, create “what-if” scenarios, perform temporal or geospatial analyses, and define rules-driven event triggers.

Comprehensive set of capabilities

With the Spectrum unified platform, you can:

  • cleanse, standardize and validate data,
  • link information to deliver new relationship insights,
  • make connections across any data source, whether inside or outside your organization,
  • enhance traditional data with vital contextual information, including location, demographics and more,
  • inform predictive analytics for more powerful insight,
  • standardize data governance and exceptions management,
  • visualize relationships with maps and graph databases,
  • integrate insights into existing workflows and process.

Boost value enterprise-wide, with greater accuracy, agility and context, a true single view results in more profitable business outcomes:

  • identify new targeted sales opportunities,
  • make smarter, more effective decisions,
  • spot risk and mitigate losses,
  • provide more efficient, satisfying call-center interactions,
  • automate self-service on a one-to-one basis,
  • customize interactions based on the time, place and context of each engagement.

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