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Precisely Data360

An IT solution for data control and analysis for any business entity who manages, analyses and monitors their own data with business activities in mind.

The data is priceless. The better quality of the data, the more value they represent – which Infogix Data360 took into account. Infogix Data360 is a platform designed for Data Governance support. It helps in all subprocesses of Data Governance programs. The solution is complete, fast (using parallel execution of flows), user friendly and automated. It is also a no-code/low-code solution, thanks to which non-IT users can use the platform successfully.

Basic features of the platform

Data essential for achieving good Data Governance outcomes:

  • Business objectives framework
  • Enterprise governance & ownership
  • KPI metrics & scoring

Data that can be trusted

  • Balancing, reconciliation & controls
  • Stewardship & workflow
  • Case management

Data easy to find and understand

  • Data catalog & Smart glossary
  • Data lineage & Impact analysis
  • Data acquisition & analysis

Data analytics

Data360™ Analyze module has an intuitive drag and drop interface, allowing users to access virtually any data source and to access, prepare and analyze data lightning fast – thus eliminating the infrastructure costs and time required by traditional warehouses and ETL. Users are utilising this flexible framework to easily ingest, transform, publish and promote metadata within the Govern module in support of data governance programs.

Connections between the companies

Users can transform their data to desired format or values. When the data are finally clean, prepared and merged, they constitute a perfect base for analyses. Data from disparate sources can be integrated. Data derived from internal sources, dictionaries and external resources can be combined, reconciled and restructured. No-code/low code philosophy allows non IT users to perform data governance activities – the platform shares visual application designer. Advanced analytics techniques (including machine learning, statistical and predictive functions) are implemented to discover insights and make predictions, and recommendations. All processes are automated, which results in a quick delivery of the data governance programs outcome.

Data governance

The Data360™ Govern module provides an enterprise-level data organization and understanding. Within the data intelligence platform, it ensures that users know exactly where the data come from, what they mean, who owns them, whether they can be trusted and how to use them, by building accountability, trust and collaboration across the entire organization. The solution allows to manage and document the policies and standards, as well as to define business objectives and the metrics which track levels of their completion. The solution has the ability to aggregate the data quality results and associate them with the business assets. This can be achieved by using DQ results that were generated within or outside of the platform.

The metadata management is a very important functionality. It includes harvesting technical metadata (MetaConnect), building and displaying lineage, impact analysis and associating technical metadata with the business glossary. When the platform gets business and technical metadata from data sources, the data can be searchable – this way we can create a data catalog. We can also create business glossary – the definition of business assets and associated metadata and relationships. We can assign responsibility for data assets to individuals and/or groups. These individuals or groups will be taking direct care of the data, their migration and quality. It is the basic feature of stewardship.

The platform contains data management workflow for optimizing operating model and improving the DM/DQ processes. Data detection, basic data profiling and tagging, help in getting knowledge about the data, thus allowing for their searchability.

Data quality

The Data360™ DQ+ platform is a proven enterprise data quality tool, able to integrate the data and to implement data profiling, completeness, consistency, timeliness, reconciliation, balancing, and value conformity, across the entire data supply chain to ensure enterprise-wide data quality. It includes a built-in, reusable data quality rules library with more than 100 predefined rules and an open API feature, enabling businesses to integrate various quality results within the data governance process. By merging sophisticated data validation capabilities with self-service simplicity, data users of any skill level can quickly and easily apply powerful checks to data sets.


Advanced data profiling helps understand the quality of data, its issues and bottlenecks. It uses measures such as completeness, consistency & conformity. Profiling collects statistics about the data. This includes “basic” DQ functions such as completeness, consistency, value conformity & type conformity.

When we already know the quality of data, we can cleanse them, using advanced DQ functions. Machine learning techniques are used for automatic improvement of data quality rules. During data flow processes, functions of balancing & reconciliation ensure that all expected data arrive at the desired destination accurately and the system performs the flow control. Data are being validated based on statistical values such as the expected standard deviation or industry-defined methods. System also monitors file delivery and flags late or missing files (timeliness), and confirm that data are within within expected or anticipated thresholds.

Automation is very important in DG/DQ processes. In the Data360 platform numerous processes are automated – e.g. automated orchestration of data derived from different sources, or case management (when the system finds and reports quality exceptions). DQ checks can be applied in batch or real-time on Apache Kafka messages. Native dashboards provide operational views of the data required by stakeholders on every step of DG/DQ processes..

Data360 is a proven solution

  • 300+ successful data programs built for 35 years now
  • Recognized market leader by IDC, Gartner, Forrester, and 451 Research
  • 98% of Infogix customers renew the business relationship YoY

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