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Various data stakeholders in the organization - CDO Forum Club 24/06/2021
21.06.2021 | Ewa Suszek
If you are looking for answers to questions:
✅ How to build order in data in the face of different needs and expectations of various departments in companies – finance, marketing, HR, management boards, etc.?
✅ How to gain trust to build alliances in a situation of seemingly conflicting interests?
✅ What are the most critical roles and processes within a data management organization?
✅ How do organizations define their level of data maturity?
???? Join the 2nd CDO Forum Club meeting!
The participation in the meeting was confirmed by specialists such as: Andrzej Burzyński, Robert Gowin, MBA, Jacek Jedut, Sylwester Kroczek, Wojciech Rosa, Robert Rudnicki, Kazik Surala, Wojciech Szremski.
???? Book time here: https://lnkd.in/gAYV7Cj
See you soon!!!
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