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The spring edition of the Common Polska, 14-17/04/ 2024, Gdynia
18.04.2024 | Ewa Suszek

The spring edition of the Common Polska 2024 conference has just finished! This time, users and enthusiasts of IBM technology met in the hospitable and always charming Gdynia. The Common Polska team, led by Piotr Michał Tkaczyk, have prepared many interesting presentations, workshops and events related to the diverse IBM technologies. Also during this edition, the AZ FRAME team was a partner of the Conference and a strong team of Dominika Opoka, Tomasz Szmajter, Ireneusz Suszek participated in lectures and presentations on mainframe & AI technologies. During the Conference, we also had the opportunity to talk about our own products and solutions. Mateusz Bajorek and Ireneusz Suszek demonstrated the AZ FRAME Z-Flex Store tool for back up from the mainframe to the cloud environment. On the second day, Ireneusz Suszek presented how the CasuSoft platform (Info Baza Solution Sp. z o. o.) in combination with IBM watsonx can support large organizations in the analysis of unstructured documents.
The Common Polska 2024 conference turned out to be an extremely important experience, especially for further development of our partnership contacts with IBM, as well as with companies present at the Conference as partners and clients. And now we’re just starting to prepare for the autumn edition of Common Polska! See you there!

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