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Summary of the event as part of the CDO Forum Club - 02/06/2022, Warsaw
07.06.2022 | Ewa Suszek

June 2, 2022 is a date that many participants of the CDO Forum community will remember for a long time. On that day, for the first time in two years, a “live” meeting of its members took place. The COVID fever is happily going down in history, and the fifth CDO Club session could be organized not online, but “onsite”. And not only for this reason was it an extraordinary event – but let’s start from the very beginning.

Over 30 enthusiasts and professionals from the Data industry gathered in an intimate room in the MokoLove restaurant in Warsaw. There were three main topics of our meeting. The first of them, concerning the recently fashionable notion of “Data mesh”, i.e. data dispersion in such a way that it could be possible to talk about their “democratization”, was discussed in detail by Karolina Henzel and Dariusz Obuchowicz from T-Mobile. This, consequently, was the starting point for a panel discussion, the participants of which reflected on the measure of challenges related to how we want to organize data – is it a tactical engineering decision or rather a level of business strategies important for business and why? What is the growth potential for the shift of data and analytics to the Cloud, Lake model and Data-Mesh – what will it mean for the future of companies? What are the scenarios for the future?

After this part, the time has come for a kind of “finale” of the evening. Jacek Wróż and Tomasz Szmajter representing our company presented an innovative data management tool in the form of a graph database, and to illustrate its universal nature, they demonstrated its functioning by showing the links between… grape varieties. Due to the extraordinary richness of the “source material”, the presentation was limited only to France and the most famous varieties, although during the show it was impossible to omit a few little-known and completely forgotten ones, but those that significantly contributed to the creation of the most popular contemporary varieties. The presentation was accompanied by a tasting of wines based on the varieties in question, and the whole event was closed with a competition, in which the main prize was an impressive and beautifully published “The World Atlas of Wine”. Its new owner is Marek Wilczewski from PZU – congratulations and we wish you a pleasant journey “with your finger on the map” and a glass of wine in your hand!

The whole event ended with a common dinner and the accompanying, endless conversations, on a more social and less formal level, which was an excellent opportunity for the CDO Forum community members to get to know each other better. The next meeting will take place in September and – as every year – it will be a large, international CDO Forum conference, for which we and the organizers, evention.pl, would like to invite all Data industry professionals!

See you soon!


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