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Precisely conference 22-24/03/2023 - promotion of the latest offer
13.05.2023 | Ewa Suszek

On March 22-24, AZ Frame took part in a conference organized by Precisely – one of our key partners – dedicated to the most important elements of the current Precisely offer. The event was held in the Spanish town of Sitges, some 40 km from Barcelona, and focused primarily on the issues of cooperation with IBM Z and IBMi mainframe units, in terms of their modernization and integration using Precisely tools.

The meeting was attended by authorized partners from all over Europe, but there was also a representative of… South Africa. One of the most interesting presentations concerned the CDC Connect tool, also promoted by AZ Frame, that supports migration processes from mainframe structures to cloud environments and real-time data replication (which is the main feature that distinguishes CDC Connect from other similar solutions). It is worth noting that the speakers, discussing the selected solutions, pointed out that each of them is an element of a comprehensive approach to data management, called the Data Integrity Suite – regardless of whether it concerns the quality of the data itself, their migration or enrichment. We hope that the business contacts of Precisely and AZ Frame will be further strengthened, and soon new, joint projects will appear on the agenda.

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