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Modern data organization in an enterprise – Data Mesh, Data Lake, Data Cloud, etc. CDO Forum Club meeting, 02/06/2022, ONSITE
27.05.2022 | Ewa Suszek

Along with the development of technology, the change in business needs and the dissemination of the conscious introduction of Data Governance processes, the method of data organization in enterprises is also changing. In this case, it is necessary to combine sometimes contradictory goals and conditions, looking for the optimal solution for a given organization and its individual needs and possibilities. New concepts, like Data Fabric, appear and the cloud is gaining popularity as the basic environment for data storage and analytics. The notion of Data Lake is of great interest, and Data Mesh promises to democratize data and build data-driven organizations.

How to properly approach data organization? Should you opt for a centralized or federal model? What do the experiences of others teach? What is optimal for my organization and what does it depend on? We will look for answers to these and other challenges during the June CDO Forum Club meeting, which will take place on June 2, 2022 at 18:00. You’re welcome!



18.00 – 18.30 Time for networking and a cup of coffee

18.30 – 18.40 Welcoming the participants of the CDO Forum Club and introduction to the subject of the meeting (Przemysław Gamdzyk, Organizer of the CDO Forum Club – Evention.pl)

18.40 – 19.00 Case study: Our journey in the world of data – the evolution of the approach to the subject of data organization (Karolina Henzel, T-Mobile, Michał Obuchowicz, T-Mobile)

19.00 – 19.25 Panel discussion

In a group of practitioners, we will talk about the organization of data in the enterprise – we will look for answers to important questions:

What is the measure of the challenges related to how we want to organize data – is it a tactical engineering decision or rather a level of business strategies important to the business? Why?

How should the pace of changes and the emergence of innovations be assessed – is this the same level as what is generally happening in the tech-IT area, or is this pace different?

What currently dominates in enterprises, what are the trends, what should be changed in terms of the data organization model?

What is the growth potential for the shift of data and analytics to the Cloud, Lake model and Data-Mesh – what will it mean for the future of companies?

What’s next – what are the scenarios for the future?



Prof. Bogumił Kamiński, Warsaw School of Economics

Dariusz Gałęzowski, PKO BP

Maryna Zenkova, Point72


19.25 – 19.35 Technical break for the preparation of wine tasting

19.35 – 20.10 Special part combined with wine tasting: From the genealogy of wine varieties through tracking connections to the fraud detection. Graph databases as a universal data analysis tool.

We will show the functioning of graph databases on two examples. The first part will help you understand how, with this tool, you can describe the origin and interrelationships between… wine varieties. For a better understanding of the subject, the show will be accompanied by a tasting of selected wines. In the second part, we will show how, by using the same tool, we can trace down the connections between different subjects, seemingly having nothing to do with each other, and lead to the detection of abuses arising as a result of their mutual relations, connections, interactions and combinations. Our entire reality consists of data. Its “taming” and making a proper use of it, is only a matter of using an proper tool. Graph databases are one of them, and according to experts’ estimations, most data analysis processes will soon be based on them – so it’s worth to try them out in practice now! (Tomasz Szmajter, Country Sales Manager, AZ Frame and Jacek Wróż, Data Governance Director, AZ Frame)

20.10 – 20.50 – Dinner and selecting the winners of the competition

20.50 – 22.00 Continuation of the evening and time for casual conversation


Registration link available >> here

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