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Let's talk about cybersecurity! Advanced Threat Summit 22-24/11/2023
20.11.2023 | Ewa Suszek
AZ Frame, an authorized partner of the global IBM brand, is pleased to invite you to its stand during the annual Advanced Threat Summit 2023 conference.
We will talk about IBM’s cybersecurity solutions, which constantly monitor the condition of the IT infrastructure, provide timely warnings against all types of threats and effectively eliminate them. Our team will also lead one of the discussion tables, devoted to possible means against the sociotechnics and manipulations, with using the IBM cybersecurity tools.
IBM Security QRadar® – a comprehensive and technologically advanced solution in the SIEM group of tools, which guarantees maximum cybersecurity!
  • Active protection of IT systems and resources in every organization
  • Modernize and scale security operations
  • Constant insight into safety data
  • Automated analysis of the security status of IT infrastructure in real time
  • Detecting threats and prioritizing them
Randori (SaaS) – a solution addressing a relatively new technology space, defined as Surface Attack Management, providing the organization with the information about potential attack vectors that can be used by intruders.
Randori relies on a continuous and thorough scanning process of the entire IT system, defining potential gaps in the IT system, getting to the goal quickly with correlated, fact-based conclusions. The result is a significant improvement in overall system resilience thanks to integration with the existing security ecosystem.
We are counting on an interesting exchange of experiences, opinions and a passionate and insightful discussion, which we hope to continue and develop at our stand. See you soon!
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