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13th National Management Control Conference - summary of the event
13.05.2023 | Ewa Suszek

On April 27-28, 13th National Management Control Conference, organized as every year by the Polish Institute of Internal Control (PIKW), took place. Topics covered at the conference included:

  • Cybersecurity in the public sector,
  • Looking at the organization through the prism of processes,
  • Risk identification and control mechanisms,
  • Management control monitoring.

One of the participants of the meeting was AZ FRAME – a supplier of cybersecurity systems and tools. Together with IBM, we presented an innovative solution called RANDORI. It enables continuous monitoring of the surface of a potential cyberattack, finding weak or previously unnoticed points of the security system, as well as errors in system configurations and processes, so far – due to various reasons – overlooked or neglected. RANDORI shows significant value in assessing the potential of a threat before it occurs – hence its great usefulness in private and public organizations, equally exposed to cyberattacks of all kinds. More information about RANDORI >> here

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