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IBM Watson® Discovery - an intelligent document processing engine
01.08.2023 | Ewa Suszek

IBM Watson® Discovery is an intelligent document processing engine that helps you to gain insights from complex business documents.

Use Discovery to visually train AI for deep understanding of your content, including tables and images, to help you find business value that is hidden in your enterprise data. Use natural language or structured queries to find relevant answers, surface insights, and build AI-enhanced business processes anywhere.

Start by connecting your data to Discovery. Next, teach Discovery to understand the language and concepts that are unique to your business and industry. Enrich your data with award-winning Watson Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies so you can identify key information and patterns. Finally, build search solutions that find answers to queries, explore your data to uncover patterns and insights, and leverage search results in automated workflows.



With IBM Watson® Discovery, you can boost the productivity of knowledge workers by automating the discovery of information and insights with advanced Natural Language Processing and Understanding. That means faster business results, satisfied customers and happier employees.

We deliver truly enterprise-grade, trusted, scalable and easy-to-use Natural Language AI, powered by custom NLP models and Large Language Models (LLMs) from IBM Research.

Discovery can be deployed as a managed cloud service or can be installed on premises. This documentation describes how to use the product regardless of how it is deployed.

For more info, check the website: here

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