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Dynatrace – PERFORM 2023 conference
16.03.2023 | Ewa Suszek

In February 2023, the annual Dynatrace conference was held in Las Vegas.From the point of view of observability, the following trends have been identified:

a) Migration to the cloud opens up undeniable opportunities;

b) There has been an explosion of data and this process will continue to deepen. It is increasingly difficult to manage, though;

c) Optimization of activity in the cloud becomes a need and a challenge;

d) Observability – from an option – turns into a necessity;

e) Organizations need comprehensive, not point-by-point, observability.

Dynatrace’s response to these challenges is completely different as compared to the competition. Dynatrace blazes new trails and introduces global standards. First of all, the company understands observability as a comprehensive action (END-2-END observability). All possible signals (traces, metrics, logs, business events, pods, nodes, tags, namespaces, etc.) are being collected within one Unified Software Intelligence Platform – both by using its own agents and API, Opentelemetry, Ecosystem Integration and Semantic Dictionary. By introducing automation and machine learning (ML), Dynatrace tool ensures full convergence of: observability, cybersecurity and business analytics. Thanks to this, it gives precise diagnoses and answers instead of showing overloaded dashboards. It enables full implementation of “shift-left” and “shift-right” methods, creating a world where software works flawlessly and individual teams cooperate with each other, not compete. Particular support is offered for cloud solutions – hence Dynatrace prides itself on the slogan “Cloud done right”.

A lot of space was devoted to data and building the right context based on them. In terms of data, the big challenges are:

a) their rapid growth,

b) building logic and content (making sense from data),

c) automation of the data collection, analysis and security process,

d) providing BIZDEVSECOPS in the “as a code” model.

Dynatrace’s answer to these challenges is to build a “casual data lakehouse with parallel, context rich processing” also known as GRAIL. All data, regardless of their format, source or granularity, are collected in GRAIL. It is a very efficient tool (with hundreds of petabytes of data per day) with its own DQL query language. In addition, the Smartscape mechanism was extended to DQL, which is already a real revolution in the field of data analysis and research. To bring out the advantages of GRAIL, a completely new user interface has also been built with StratoDesign, Dashboards and Notebooks.

The latest version of Dynatrace is an absolute breakthrough in the field of observability!

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