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Data management - cataloging and modelling
15.07.2021 | Ewa Suszek

Data is the basis of business information that allows you to take the right action and achieve maximum benefits. Data management is a complex process of collecting, storing and using data in such a way that it is completely secure and helps in its optimal use. According to Precisely, Data Management is realised in six categories:

  • cataloguing and modelling,
  • data verification,
  • profiling,
  • cleansing,
  • mastering,
  • operationalizing.

In today’s post, we will discuss the first of them.

1. Cataloging and modelling

In this category we try to gain knowledge about the data generated and used in the organisation.

Identification and creating an inventory of data sources is being done “„’manually’” in-house, without the aid of the specialised tools. Personnel using the data know best which resources they use and which data are of key importance. AZ Frame and Precisely boast significant experience in developing and managing Data Governance projects. Within the last few years, we established algorithms and patterns which speed up the whole process – thanks to which, even based on a „’manual’ work” approach, it will be also done quickly and effectively. For the further enhancement and improvement of the entire process, Precisely adds ‘Data Catalogue’s functionality which we make use of, when working at our client’s premises. This step is grouped into:

  • Data cataloguing,
  • Defining key diagrams,
  • Defining data standards,
  • Defining key relations.

However, the organisation has to identify all data sources, to determine their priorities, placement and name the persons responsible. AZ Frame – thanks to our experience in conducting such projects, established procedures and documents supporting this stage of the proceedings – may assist in cataloguing the data sources. By “„data sources” one has to understand not only the information included in the data bases, but also any kind of documents, .xls sheets, intranet websites etc.

To draw the most valuable information from the data, the organisation should – at first – understand their current status and their available attributes. Precisely Discovery tool allows for “„scanning” (i.e. recognizing the structures) of millions of tables and boxes, derived from thousands of sources, in order to generate a coherent library, describing the character and positions of our data resources within the organisation. “„Data Catalogue” module ensures the unified view at all configured connections.

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