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"Blackbox attack surface discovery" technology - in everyday's data protection and corporate security
10.02.2023 | Ewa Suszek

Nowadays, security of systems and applications is crucial for every organization. Hackers use increasingly advanced technologies and use various techniques to detect security holes in systems and applications. That’s why it is important to have tools that allow for effective detection and protection against potential threats.

One type of such tools are those based on the “blackbox attack surface discovery” technology. They are used to detect and identify potential attack points in IT systems whose internal structure and operation are unknown. For this purpose, various types of tools and methods are used, such as: network scanning, penetration tests and attack simulations.

The goal is to identify gaps and weak points in the system so that they can be removed and secured against unauthorized access. This technology is especially important nowadays, when cybercrime and attacks against information systems are becoming more and more common.

Examples of defenses in blackbox attack surface discovery tools include:

Authorization Verification: These tools often include authentication to ensure that users are logging into the correct account and that the account is not compromised.

Anti-Phishing: These tools often include anti-phishing features that detect and block malicious websites and emails.

Anti-malware: These tools can detect and block malware before it gets installed on your computer.

Protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks: These tools often include features that protect against XSS attacks that inject malicious code into a website.

Protection against SQL injection attacks: These tools often contain features that protect against SQL injection attacks, which inject malicious code into the database.

These examples show that blackbox attack surface discovery tools are comprehensive solutions that help protect systems and applications against various types of threats.

Examples of attacks and uses of “blackbox attack surface discovery”

Unfortunately, many blackbox attack surface discovery defenses are kept secret so as not to reveal vulnerabilities in systems and security. However, some of the most high-profile cases that have come to light include:

Attack on Equifax: In 2017, one of the largest data breaches in history occurred, as a result of which hackers gained access to the personal data of over 145 million Equifax customers. The company used blackbox attack surface discovery tools to identify and fix the vulnerabilities that led to this attack.

Attack on Sony Pictures: In 2014, the hacking group “Guardians of Peace” launched an attack on Sony Pictures and leaked sensitive information such as emails, documents and videos. Sony has used blackbox attack surface discovery tools to identify vulnerabilities and increase the protection of its systems.

Attack on Target: In 2013, hackers launched an attack on the Target store, as a result of which they gained access to the personal information of over 40 million customers. Target used blackbox attack surface discovery tools to identify and fix the vulnerabilities that led to this attack.

These cases show that blackbox attack surface discovery tools are extremely important in protecting against hacker attacks and that they can help identify and fix vulnerabilities that pose a threat to the security of data and systems.

Randori from IBM

A tool that meets these criteria is IBM’s Randori. It offers a comprehensive attack surface detection solution. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Randori simulates real attacks and determines how a given organization is exposed to risk. This tool is configured to enable advanced penetration testing, including phishing and malware attacks.

If you want to protect your systems and applications from potential threats, we encourage you to test IBM Randori. With this tool, you will have a complete understanding of where your company has room to take security action.

IBM Randori is a tool that enables detection and protection against zero-day attacks. IBM Randori uses AI and machine learning to simulate attacks and determine how vulnerable your system is. The tool is configured to enable advanced penetration testing, including phishing and malware attacks.

IBM Randori helps you understand how hackers think and work, which allows for more effective protection of systems and applications against attacks. This is important because many attacks rely on vulnerabilities that software vendors and hardware manufacturers do not have sufficient current knowledge of.

AZ Frame, as an IBM Partner, encourages its current and future customers to test the capabilities of the tool – if interested, please contact one of our sales representatives:


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