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IBM Security® QRadar® Suite – The threat detection and response suite built to help your security teams outsmart threats with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

QRadar is a modernized threat detection and response solution designed to unify the security analyst experience and accelerate their speed across the full incident lifecycle. The portfolio is embedded with enterprise-grade AI and automation to dramatically increase analyst productivity, helping resource-strained security teams work more effectively across core technologies. It offers integrated products for endpoint security (EDR, XDR, MDR), log management, SIEM and SOAR—all with a common user interface, shared insights and connected workflows.

QRadar products

QRadar® SIEM

The market-leading QRadar SIEM is now available as a service on AWS, enhanced with the new unified analyst interface that provides shared insights and workflows with broader security operations toolsets. By using AI, network and user behavior analytics, along with real-world threat intelligence, analysts are now empowered with more accurate, contextualized and prioritized alerts.

QRadar® SOAR

Recent winner of a Red Dot Design Award for interface and user experience, QRadar SOAR helps organizations automate and orchestrate incident response workflows and ensure their specific processes are followed in a consistent, optimized and measurable way.

QRadar® EDR

Protect your endpoints against previously unknown zero-day threats using automation and hundreds of machine learning and behavioral models to detect anomalies and respond to attacks in near real time. By using a unique approach that monitors operating systems from the outside, organizations can now avoid manipulation or interference by adversaries.

QRadar® Log Insights

QRadar Log Insights is a cloud-native log management and security observability product that provides simplified data ingestion and rapid search, investigations and visualizations. By using an elastic security data lake, analysts can now perform analytics on terabytes of data with greater speed and efficiency.

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