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Broadcom/Symantec IAM/PAM

The transition to remote work mode revealed the need for effective management of access to company resources, including verification, authentication and control of user rights. Access management systems such as IAM and PAM are the answer to this need. Both concepts are related to user, access, and role management, but each supports access for different sets of users and systems within an organization.

Symantec Identity Security (IAM)

Shift to the state-of-the-art architectures, based on multiple environments like Cloud, Smartphone or API, requires a modern, integrated and open IAM architecture, in order to enable safe fulfillment of the business activities on company’s side, with simultaneous managing the business risks and sticking to the laws and regulations.

In the reality becoming more and more diverse, the IAM system, consisting of the IAM Business Services, supported by co-shared security services, allows business entities for an insight into the user’s activities, uses smart analytics to define the risks imposed by the user, and also allows – or limits and controls in a relevant manner  – user’s activities, helping them build satisfaction in may other areas and/or systems.

IAM also allows for:

  • Making context credentials,
  • Permanent sessions management,
  • Precise policies management,
  • Privileged access management,
  • Administering and managing the identity,

enabling an enterprise safe connecting of any user, from any device, with any kind of application, simultaneously offering a seamless user’s experience complete with the safety of the enterprise’s resources.

Symantec PAM

The Symantec Privileged Access Management solution may minimalise the risk of the data infringement thanks to the constant protection of the trusted administrative certifications, control of the privileged users’ access and monitoring and registering the privileged users’ activities in virtual, cloud and physical environments.

The solution is quickly implemented, easy maintained and able to proces and register much more simultaneous demands with only a fraction of the efficiency of other devices from other leading suppliers. Symantec PAM offers also flexible architectures, based both on networks and single agents.

Coupling these possibilities makes for the fact that Symantec Privileged Access Management offers one of the lowest total servicing cost at the whole market!

Key advantages:

  • Maximalisation of the investment – Symantec PAM combines the biggest available scalability with the lowest maintenance cost, making for a solution, which protects the entire business without the excessive expenses.
  • Protection of a hybrid business – Symantec PAM controls the privileged access in all IT resources, from Cloud to Mainframe, and completes the Symantec Endpoint and Network Security solutions.
  • Conformity with the laws and regulations – Symantec PAM ensures many privileged access control mechanisms, which are required by the regulations of the data privacy as well as the trade rules.


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