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Precisely Ironstream

Ironstream – Integrating critical IBM z and IBM i machine data into today’s IT analytics and operations management platforms to provide a 360° view of your IT environment and enable faster, more accurate decisions.

Companies implementing today’s analytics platforms like Splunk and ServiceNow are looking to get a single system of record for challenges like IT operations and security incident management. Without including the critical data from your IBM mainframe and IBM i environments, your IT operations and security initiatives have a significant blind-spot. In order to get a true picture of health, performance and capacity of your company’s IT infrastructure, it is imperative to integrate the machine data from these traditional IBM systems into the analytic tools being used to manage and monitor the rest of your IT environment.

Precisely Ironstream makes it easy and cost-effective to integrate machine data from traditional IBM systems into today’s IT analytic platforms. Using Ironstream extends the value of your investment in your analytic initiatives by giving you a 360° view of your entire IT environment. By merging this data with other machine data from across your organization, you can correlate events from across your infrastructure driving better decisions, faster problem resolution and more accurate troubleshooting.

Ironstream for Splunk®

Ironstream for Splunk® – Integrating your critical security and operational machine data from IBM mainframe and IBM i systems into Splunk for a complete picture of your IT environment

Ironstream fo Splunk makes it simple to collect, transform and securely stream mainframe and IBM i operational and security data into Splunk with no need for mainframe or IBM i expertise. Collect log data from traditional IBM systems and forward that data in real-time to Splunk. Comprehensive and powerful insights ara available as users can easily search, analyze and visualize the mainframe and IBM i data along with data from distributed and open-source systems

Ironstream for ServiceNow®

Ironstream for ServiceNow® – Integrating mainframe and IBM i systems data with ServiceNow® for a complete view of your IT environment

Ironstream for ServiceNow is the only certified solution for integrating IBM mainframe and IBM i systems into the ServiceNow environment. Ironstream supports ServiceNow Discovery to easily create a single view of your entire IT infrastructure, as well as ServiceNow Event Management to continually improve service availability and resolve issues fast.

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