Dynatrace offers IT solutions for application performance monitoring (APM) and, more broadly, for monitoring the entire IT envirinment (infrastructure,m network), with respect to the availability and performance – Digital Performance Monitoring (DPM).

Dynatrace, being the APM/DPM leaders (acc. to Gartner) re-defined the notion of monitoring, seeing it as a composition of the following features:

  • Every user – monitoring of 100% operations of all end-users;
  • Every App – controlling all applications, including the www browsers and the native apps for the mobile devices. Readiness for IoT;
  • Everywhere – monitoring the individual users, irrespective of their location (intelligent injection of the agent). Access to the user’s data from any position on all devices (via desktops, tablets, smartphones etc.);
  • AI powered – offered in the AI solution and, the so called, virtual assistant; both were named by Forrester as re-defining business functions (along products from such renowned brands like Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, IBM Watson, Apple Siri);
  • Full-stack – Dynatrace works based on a singular agent (called OneAgent), installed on the side of server. OneAgent controls operation of the entire system, from the server, through application processes, business services up to the client’s applications. It is installed only once and configurated and maintained automatically, which significantly imroves the TCO and TTV. The solution is able to function in many environments, irrespective of the technology used therein. OneAgent is devised for micro-service environments and in the so-called Cloud Platforms (Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, Pivotal, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, OpenShift, Docker, Mesosphere; with each of these brands Dynatrace has the technological partnership);
  • Automated – Dynatrace is the only platform to offer automatic detection of problems, anomaly analysis (based on an intelligent baseline), sourcing the problems (problem causation – in modern systems correlation itself is not sufficient).

User Experience Monitoring (UEM)

3rd and most advanced generation of monitoring, taking into account the semantics of applications; aforementioned OneAgent, apart from the AI functionalities allows for automatic building the model for the apps ecosystem; the data are credible enough, that ServiceNow feeds its own CMDB with them.

Analyses client’s subsequent visits/sessions; apart from the business data allows for analysis, to which extent the problems with apps influence the client’s behaviour and business conversion

Synthetic monitoring

Classic robot, which allows for reproducing the sequence of transactions and emulating the client’s operations. This solution may act on the basis of the infrastructure on the buyer’s side or using the platform, available in the public cloud.

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