Z-RAYS is a software tool that makes IBM z/OS performance data available, understandable, and presentable or exportable.

Based on existing infrastructure for accessing machine data on z/OS systems, Z-RAYS gathers data from multiple sources, including SMF records, RMF, Syslog, security logs. As a result, it provides data for common analytics platforms, streaming it in near real-time.

Thanks to Z-RAYS you can stream that data in nearly real-time span to multiple destinations in different formats for different users and allow IT operations to analyze and manage operating systems, databases, and other mainframe environments.

Modern admin monitoring Z-RAYS-console provides a comprehensive performance and availability view makes administrator life easier and enables to take actions professionally based on following parameters:

  • detecting mainframe performance problems across multiple subsystems,
  • allowing computer operations personnel to isolate quickly and take action on these problems,
  • status tracking and prediction for better resource allocation, utilization, or planning.

Z-RAYS is in the same tool class as IBM Common Data Provider, Intellimagic, and EPV – but has more and better features and wrap up the best scope among competitors, while at the same time not affecting monitored resources.

Value proposal

Z-RAYS is a perfect tool for all IBM mainframe corporate users and administrators, who need to monitor the IT system(s) in a comprehensive and automatic way, in order to detect issues at an early stage and predict anomalies or resource exhaustion.

Z-RAYS with its exhaustive and coherent view supports and alerts IT admins if anything happens, thanks to the smart machine-data collection and machine learning algorithm, that enables the automation of the mainframe system monitoring process, as well as integrates with other monitoring and management tools of the IT environment as a whole.

Z-RAYS can be simply implemented either on-premise or as a SaaS model and is featured by:

  • precise data in real-time and in an exact format,
  • openness to change and integration with other tools,
  • alerting using AI algorithms,
  • simplicity in installing and operating.

Main benefits

  • Z-RAYS significantly automates the monitoring, eliminating much manual work, which results in time reduction to identify incidents’ causes. It delivers alerts with exceptions and anomalies or resources exhaustion prediction.
  • Better monitoring means reducing MSU (a million service units) and related processing computer’s labour cost, which causes real money-saving. The tool protects your organization to avoid outages’ risk and associated losses. Moreover, it provides information for proper resource planning.
  • Saving administrators’ time spent on solving problems in the organization makes mainframe management possible in practice, simultaneously decreasing system monitoring costs.
  • The result is a crucial contribution to comprehensive mainframe monitoring and distributed monitoring under a unified, comprehensive management.


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