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RSM Partners

Targeting Security Improvements – Removing Vulnerabilities.

Following an in-house or external audit, an RSM Mainframe Security Health Check, Penetration Testing or Vulnerability Scan, our bespoke Remediation Programs mean you can deal with any issues and vulnerabilities that have been revealed, ensuring that you have the strongest defences against cyber attack, hacking and other internal and external threats.

Zwiększenie zwrotu z inwestycji

Gaining significant ROI from a mainframe security audit by:

Reducing risk of a major security breach Improving security processes and procedures as remediation work progresses Enabling your mainframe environment to handle greater workloads, in more efficient ways Delivering lower resource costs Helping you comply with initiatives such as PCI-DSS, GDPR and SOX, where remediation requires it Providing users with access to the data and resources only where needed to do their jobs Identifying fewer issues in future security audits Achieving a cost-neutral position allowing you to do more at the same cost.

Securing your mainframes and your business

We provide the expert resources and skill sets you may lack in-house to ensure the most effective Security Improvement Programs. We bring many years real-world experience in planning and executing remediation activity, ranging from relatively short 12-week projects to 24-month programs – every security situation being different.

Delivering on time and to budget, our mainframe security service includes:

  • Deploying a team of experienced security technicians led by an RSM Senior Project Manager Conducting Project Definition Workshops,
  • Project Initiation Documentation and detailed Project Planning Collaborating with you to build a Resourcing Plan that makes best use of both RSM and your own inhouse resources,
  • Providing you with a Mainframe Security Implementation able to withstand serious scrutiny and testing

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