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Precisely Syncsort MFX

More efficient operation and greater efficiency – to reduce the costs of the entire IT environment: from mainframe systems to the cloud.

Syncsort MFX

Syncsort MFX is a high-efficiency tool for SORT, COPY and JOIN operations, helping make use of the advanced functions of the operational system z/OS and the mainframe units of IBM Z® range. System Syncsort MFX, used in over 85 countries, is most frequently installed software by the external supplier, on the mainframe units.

The speed of sorting is the key aspect of the system performance. Business analyses indicate that even 25% of the processor work is devoted to the sorting activities – that’s why reducing its capacity with respect to sorting procedures may increase an overall efficiency of the whole system.

Syncsort MFX is an easy implemented, fully transparent tool, helping to streamline the sorting procedures. On the other hand it is also a very complex and highly advanced software, using available system architecture and combination of the reserved sorting algorithms with advanced method of accessing and dynamic optimising techniques. Syncsort MFX optimising procedures dynamically monitor and react to the state of the entire system, which involves real-time CPU load, competing for the access to the discs, buffering the controlers, availability of the central mass memory, speed of paging, along with the characteristic of a given computer type and model. Syncsort MFX software also uses highly advanced technology of parallel access to volumines (PAV) to cut down the time, needed in sorting procedures.

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