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CA Technologies/Broadcom

Machine learning-based intelligence and automation across our IT Ops portfolio simplify how you manage mainframe operations to speed resolution time, increase team efficiency, and reduce dependency on limited skilled resources.


We understand you need to digitally transform and that requires you to balance Innovation and address core functionality

We have and will continue to drive real growth in our core products:

  • Automic brings new capabilities and value to customers, particularly in the orchestration space. We have integrated our Mainframe Automation solutions, OPS/MVS, and our CA Workload Automation solutions ESP, CA-7 and AutoSys with Automic to expand the breadth of use-cases we can help customers solve
  • At the same time, we continue to invest in new capabilities and products such as Brightside, Mainframe Resource Intelligence, Data Content Discovery, Dynamic Capacity Intelligence, Mainframe Operational Intelligence, Trusted Access Manager for Z, and Full Stack Support for the Zowe Open Mainframe Project
    o The Mainframe Division has a “new capability” KPI of 2 per year
  • Across our solution and product capabilities we’ll offer consumption and transition-based pricing models to help you balance your innovation and modernization efforts

System mainframe bez tajemnic

Broadcom is a founding member of Zowe (, the first open source project on zOS. Zowe offers modern interfaces to interact with z/OS and allows you to work with z/OS in a similar way to what you experience on cloud platforms today. You can use these interfaces as delivered or through plug-ins and extensions that are created by clients or third-party vendors. Zowe 1.0 GA-ed in February of 2019, and on March 11th, 2019 Broadcom announced Zowe support at the SHARE Phoenix conference.

Opening the mainframe creates greater exposure to compliance risks, and we have simplified solutions that can fully analyze risk exposure on the mainframe:

  • CA Data Content Discovery uses machine learning to create custom analytics and data classifiers with higher levels of accuracy, automate the discovery of new data as it is generated to address compliance issues at scale, and improve visualization of key insights to make it easier to understand potential risks.
  • CA Trusted Access Manager for Z helps deliver trusted systems and improve business efficiency through comprehensive privileged access management for your mainframe.

By eliminating the need for shared credentials, working with existing tools, and producing forensics on all privileged user activity, you stay in complete control over mission-essential mainframe data. Creating a Frictionless User Experience CA Brightside, awarded the most innovative DevOps solution of the year 2018 by, provides a frictionless user experience to DevOps architects and Developers enabling them to:

  • Integrate mainframe automation scripts into cross-platform CI/CD pipeline using modern CI orchestration tools such as Jenkins
  • Write test automation scripts for functional, integration, system, and performance testing of COBOL and PL/I applications running on z/OS using modern test automation frameworks such as Mocha.js
  • Discover and use Mainframe APIs that expose automation tasks and data using an API Catalog

CA Endevor SCM Integrations for Enterprise DevOps provides users additional flexibility in their choice of interface and tight coupling with their DevOps toolset. With out-of-the-box integrations to popular agile PPM tools, CI/CD and pipeline management tools, and plugins to enterprise GIT repositories, teams can adopt the same modern stacks used for distributed development while continuing to leverage the build and lifecycle automation offered by CA Endevor SCM.

Optimizing the Mainframe

Machine learning-based intelligence and automation across our IT Ops portfolio simplify how you manage mainframe operations to speed resolution time, increase team efficiency, and reduce dependency on limited skilled resources. Our newest offerings integrate with our core performance management suite, making them far more powerful. For example, Mainframe Operational Intelligence is the most comprehensive contextual intelligence product for mainframes.

Using a wide set of data collectors and data science algorithms, the tool will help you:

  • Visualize vast amounts of diverse data, use advanced visual analytics and correlation, and turn information into meaningful insights
  • Prevent downtime with actionable, predictive insights, and quickly turn volumes of data into meaningful insights Mainframe Resource Intelligence, a SaaS assessment tool, reveals the as-is state vs. desired outcomes for opex, security, process and performance.

The tool will help you:

  • Visualize your mainframe environment (hardware and software)
  • Identify opportunities for software rationalization
  • Conduct mainframe “health-checks” and capacity assessments with customized recommendations so you can meet your SLAs and maximize your spend

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