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Precisely Trillium

Assessing, improving, and monitoring the quality of your data to ensure it’s complete and accurate for business insights you can trust.

Trillium DQ

Assessing, improving, and monitoring the quality of your data to ensure it’s complete and accurate for business insights you can trust.

Your business success depends on accurate data. But often, critical business information is trapped in separate silos, recorded in unstandardized formats, and is inaccessible to those who need it most. Inaccurate, incomplete data diminishes the quality of your customer experiences, hinders operational efficiency, and threatens regulatory compliance, ultimately exposing your organization to unnecessary risk instead of giving you the information you need to drive revenue growth.

Trillium DQ rapidly transforms your tangled data into trusted business information to support data-driven initiatives across your organization. It is a versatile, single solution that provides flexible deployment options, scalability for Big Data, and real-time quality data that support rapidly changing business needs, data sources, and enterprise infrastructures. Intuitive selfservice capabilities easily extend data quality management to data stewards, business analysts, and other experts who know your business information best.

Trillium DQ for Big Data

Maximizing the business value of Big Data with industry-leading data profiling and data quality powered by the scalability and performance you need with your largest data volumes to deliver trusted business applications.

Organizations are gathering larger volumes, and greater variety, of data to achieve more insights and make better data-driven business decisions. Yet surveys consistently show executives lack trust in their data. To have confidence in decision-making, regulatory compliance and more, enterprises require data quality tools that can handle these growing and complex data sets.

Trillium DQ for Big Data provides industry-leading data profiling and data quality at scale, designed specifically to meet the challenges presented by today’s data environments, so you can drive successful data governance, advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, and focused business insights.

Trillium DQ for Big Data empowers your users to focus on understanding and addressing critical data quality issues and requirements. Quickly and natively connect to Big Data sources to execute data profiling tasks, and visually create and test data quality processes which can be deployed and run directly within Big Data execution frameworks on premises or in leading cloud platforms.

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