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Precisely Connect

Precisely Connect – Connecting today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology to unlock the potential of all your enterprise data.


Connect ETL

Connect ETL – Transforming and delivering application data for analytics with speed, efficiency and flexible “design once, deploy anywhere” approach.

Connect ETL integrates all data across an organization from RDBMS, mainframe, NoSQL, the cloud, and more. Connect ETL delivers a complete solution by also integrating with visualization tools and EDWs. Load aggregated datasets to all major MPP applications or load data feed directly into a data visualization tool. Perform a variety of tasks with Connect ETL such as:

  • Connecting legacy data – mainframe, IBM i, Teradata, Netezza – to the cloud and other next generation platforms,
  • Leverage complex COBOL and mainframe copy books for metadata and interpretation,
  • Get full insight into your data lineage for reporting and compliance even as data volumes and your data pipelines grow,
  • Access a wide variety of analytics databases and BI platforms including Snowflake, Teradata, Vertica, Oracle, Tableau, NoSQL.

Connect CDC

Connect CDC – Delivering real-time insights across the enterprise with streaming data pipelines, change data capture and database replication.

To realize the full value of your organization’s application data to drive actionable insights, it has to be delivered wherever the business needs it, whenever it’s needed. In today’s fast-paced economy, that increasingly means delivering data across your enterprise in real time.
With Connect CDC real-time data replication and change data capture software, you can build streaming data pipelines and share application data across the enterprise – from mainframes to the cloud – to drive your business forward.
Connect CDC replicates application data across relational databases, streaming frameworks, and the cloud all while offering high-performance, resilience, fault-tolerance and guaranteed data delivery.

Connect for Big Data

Connect for Big Data – Integrating application data from traditional systems with Big Data platforms to power AI, machine Learning and advanced Analytics.    

Connect for Big Data is high-performance data integration software specifically designed for building modern data pipelines with highly scalable, distributed computer frameworks like Spark and MapReduce.
With a single software environment for accessing and integrating all youor enterprise data – mainframe to cloud, batch and streaming – Connect for Big Data lets you quickly and efficiently turn raw data into insights that drive your business.

Connect for Big Data can help you:

  • Access all enterprise data – including mainframe!
  • Integrate and achieve the fastest path from raw data to insight,
  • Comply with security, management and governance protocols,
  • Simplify – Design once, execute anywhere; on premises or in the cloud.


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