Precisely SYNCSORT

Elevating performance & efficiency - To control costs across the full IT environment, from mainframe to cloud

Syncsort MFX - Leading the way with a sort, copy and join utility that uses cutting-edge mainframe technology to slash CPU costs and increase your mainframe’s overall efficiency Syncsort MFX is a high-performance sort, copy and join utility designed to exploit the advanced facilities of the z/OS operating system and IBM Z® mainframes. Used in over 85 countries, Syncsort MFX solution is the most frequently installed third party software product on IBM and plug-compatible mainframes. Sort performance is a significant component of system efficiency. Industry studies have shown that sort-related processing can approach 25% of CPU time. Thus, reducing resources used for sorting can significantly increase overall system efficiency. Syncsort MFX is an easily implemented, fully transparent response to the need for sort efficiency. However, internally Syncsort MFX is a complex and highly sophisticated software product that exploits current system architecture with a combination of proprietary sorting algorithms, advanced access methods and dynamic optimization techniques. Syncsort MFX optimization procedures dynamically monitor and respond to system status, including CPU utilization, DASD contention, controller caching, central storage availability, paging rates and the specific make and model computer Syncsort MFX is running on. Syncsort MFX also exploits advanced parallel accessvolume (PAV) technology to minimize the elapsed time of sort executions.

Syncsort ZPSaver - Reducing the workload on your mainframe’s CPU to save your business money and deliver ever-faster processing power Syncsort ZPSaver is a set of enhanced technologies for Syncsort MFX to offload Copy, SMS Compression and Sort processing to zIIP processors, effectively reducing the workload on the main CPU. Syncsort ZPSaver’s performance advantages translate into significant cost savings:
• In sub-capacity pricing environments, lowering CPU utilization during the four-hour peak window is critically important for containing overall softwarecosts.
• Saved CPU time delays hardware upgrades in the face of increasing data volumes.
• Freed-up capacity lets you do more with less by supporting new workloads with the same resources.
• More efficient processing supports more work on an MSU-capped LPAR.
• Lowering CPU time results in lower fees for organizations that are charged based on CPU utilization for mainframe hosting or outsourcing.
• The ability to meet SLAs and batch window requirements reduces risk and associated costs to the business. Process more data on MSU-capped LPARs thanks to more efficient Copy, Compression and Sort processing.
• Encrypting sortwork in MFX helps compliance efforts but can increase CPU usage and the peak 4HRA. Moving this work to the zIIP processor saves considerable processing time on the main CPU and licensing costs.
Best of all, Syncsort ZPSaver requires no changes to any of your existing Syncsort MFX JCL or application.

Syncsort Optimize DB2 - Surpassing basic tuning to optimize your Db2 on z/OS workload performance, saving resources and reducing negative impacts of application or environment changes Syncsort Optimize DB2 typically saves organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on an ongoing basis. Syncsort Optimize DB2 offers low-overhead capture of both static and dynamic SQL workloads; it offers SQL consolidation for a full understanding of resource consumption patterns; and it offers a low price point. Rather than focusing on single statements, Syncsort Optimize DB2, captures and analyzes entire SQL workloads. It is workloadcentric. In that way it identifies SQLs that, by virtue of their frequency of execution and aggregate consumption of resources, have the greatest impact on Db2 subsystem performance. Syncsort Optimize DB2 then prioritizes findings by the degree of impact on resources, thus focusing the tuning effort on those SQLs offering the greatest potential ROI.

Syncsort Optimize IMS - Providing low-risk and efficient migration tools for businesses that want to switch to Db2 -- the smart approach to IMS data migration Migrating data from IMS systems to Db2 typically involves complex data re-engineering and extensive modification to key application programs. Syncsort Optimize IMS provides a smarter approach to IMS data migration, one that requires no changes to applications, significantly reducing the risks of data migration. Syncsort Optimize IMS is a data migration and application transparency solution specifically designed to address the challenges of IMS data migration to Db2. With Syncsort Optimize IMS, application programs remain unchanged. Powerful mapping and migration tools get you to Db2 quickly, one or more IMS databases at a time. Applications continue to issue IMS/DB requests, but where requested data has been migrated to Db2, Syncsort Optimize IMS retrieves it and delivers it back to the application as if it came from IMS/DB.

Syncsort Optimize IDMS - Providing the ideal suite of tools for developers looking to improve CA IDMS database performance and true 24-hour availability CA IDMS™ has long been a major focus for developers of tools for improving database performance. There is now one place to go for the broadest portfolio of industry-leading tools for customizing CA IDMS to meet specific operational goals. Learn how Syncsort Optimize IDMS makes it easier for CA IDMS operations staff and management to:
• Reorganize or restructure their CA IDMS production database even while it is online and available for update and retrieval.
• Operate as if they have multiple copies of a CA IDMS database while actually having only one underlying copy.
• Test ADS/O dialogs, IDMS-DC programs, and batch programs against production data without incurring the overhead of duplicating the entire production database.
• And more!

Syncsort Capacity Management - Ensure high-performing IT resources are available when and where you need them to support the demands of today’s business Your IT landscape grows more complex by the day. It spans your on-premises data center and public and private clouds. Often, applications work together across platforms to support a single business service.
That’s why Syncsort Capacity Management delivers an automated, single view of your IT resources, no matter where they live. Syncsort Capacity Management continuously monitors server, application and network resources to provide detailed, actionable visibility into all your IT metrics. The data collected is stored in a centralized, consolidated database, where it is available, along with your specific business metrics, so you can:
• Drill down to identify root cause of system problems.
• Conduct regular system assessments.
• Document patterns, assess trends and anomalies.
• Monitor incidents and set alerts for timely response.

Syncsort Network Management - Increasing your network security and efficiency with a package of specialized components, including network monitoring, security, and performance management Syncsort Network Management is a comprehensive set of network-management tools for z/OS platforms. The various components of Syncsort Network Management provide superior monitoring, alerting, tracing, reporting, and security, creating an efficient and manageable product that can seamlessly replace legacy network-management tool sets at a fraction of the legacy cost.
• Replace bloated and cumbersome legacy network-management tools – at a fraction of the cost.
• Maintain your company’s service levels and the all-important continuity of your business.
• Implement the components together or individually and operate them from an ordinary web browser.